Preserving the Kids’ Art Without All the Clutter

I am admittedly a very Type A person. Which is why I chose to be an internist. But unfortunately this quality doesn’t stay at work, it comes home with me. It’s really difficult to be Type A with two toddlers and an unpredictable autoimmune disease (um, is life playing a trick on me?) I can’t standRead more

Managing our Family’s Digital Photos

Ok, who else has been struggling to figure out how to manage the abundance of digital photos and videos you have??? I have been on a quest to figure out how to merge our family photos (automatically) and have them back up (automatically) for a few years. We take the majority of our photos andRead more

Decorative Quilting with my new machine

Since we moved to Orange County last year I’ve been really fortunate to become friends with several of my new colleagues. When I was interviewing at different clinics I immediately fell in love with my current clinic because of the people. There are lots of “mamas” in my clinic and everyone is super friendly. ColleaguesRead more

Zucchini Muffins (Vegan Possible)

I would definitely call my kids picky eaters and (if they could help it) vegetables would not be a part of their regular diet. We’ve been working hard at finding ways to sneak in healthy food into their meals and snacks. For example, I discovered if we cut Mila’s apples with a crinkle cutting tool, she’ll eat the apples.Read more

Our Earthboxes are Exploding!

We grew a container garden when we lived in Boston in 2010. The first year we planted in garden “buckets”. We didn’t have great success but it was still a lot of fun. The next year we decided to do earthboxes, because we heard about their amazing yield. I watched tons of you tube videos of people’sRead more