A Frozen Family

I’m coming back to the blogging world! Things have finally settled down and over the next few posts I’ll update you on all of our exciting changes.

We’ll start with Halloween 2016.

We’ve developed a lot of routines in our family. It’s good for the littles (and for the grownups too). Every Friday night we make homemade pizza and watch a movie, nicely dubbed “Friday Pizza Movie Night”.  The littles have only seen a few movies (Frozen, Sofia the First, and Little Bear) and the repetition doesn’t seem to bother anyone. By far, Frozen is the most watched of the three and Mila’s favorite character is Anna. So, naturally, when we started discussing Halloween costumes, she wanted to be Anna. And then very quickly decided that I should be Elsa, Jake should be Kristoff and Teegan should be Olaf. And that’s how our Frozen Family was born.

Childs Frozen Family

I’ve always had this dream of making homemade Halloween costumes for the kiddos, but reality makes that a bit unrealistic. I found Olaf, Anna and Elsa but couldn’t find a decent Kristoff costume. And surprisingly there aren’t any patterns for Kristoff costumes so I was forced to bring back some of my clothing sewing skills.  I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some grey felt, fur trim and embroidery ribbon.  And voila!


Jake bought a wig and beanie hat online to complete the costume. I think I’m allergic to either the felt or the fur so after completing the costume it’s now been banished to the garage.

We met up with our neighbors (more to come about the big move we had this year) and went trick-or-treating together. Mila literally could not have run any faster from house to house, it was adorable.


When we got home the kids opened all their candy and luckily for us they didn’t like much (or really any) of it. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the “candy graveyard” where they discarded all the pieces they didn’t like.

(In case you’re wondering how we make our pizza on Friday Pizza Movie Night): A few years ago we started making homemade bread, and we consistently still always make our own homemade pizza dough using the recipe in this book. It’s SO easy and it is better than any other pizza dough we’ve had (including restaurants). The kids eat cheese pizza but I make a black bean olive pizza, so yummy. We use this dough whisk and this plastic tub.  Seriously, try it.


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  1. We do movie night Fridays too! If there is a new one, we go to the theatre and if there is not, we stay home and watch one! Fridays is always mommy and RJ night!

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