Baby Shoes

I have been behind in sewing, and behind in blogging. This past month has been difficult for me since being diagnosed with lupus. I am adjusting to my new paradigm in life of living with a chronic disease. It’s definitely not something I expected, but I guess most people don’t expect to get sick. Time is one of the ultimate healers and I am trying to stay strong in knowing that as time passes I won’t be so scared. And I am truly thankful for AMAZING friends and family that have been spending extra time listening to me and offering encouragement and support. I am blessed.

But, on to a happier topic. Baby shoes!

My sister had her second baby a few months ago (OK, maybe more than a few months…. Elliot was born in September…), and I actually haven’t gotten him a baby gift yet. She assures me that he is little and won’t remember.

But look at these guys:

It will be totally worth the wait. I saw this Simplicity pattern (see below) at JoAnn Fabrics and I had to buy it. I immediately fell in love with the monkey shoes.

Their shoes were all brown, but I wanted to add in a little color, so I chose a blue polka dot print. I used a fusible web to fuse the wool felt to the fabric (um, WAY cool).

They have little velcro flaps to open.

Way cute, right? I hope his feet aren’t too big already.




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