Best Baby Quilt Size?

So, I’ve made a lot of baby quilts. It’s actually the only size quilt I’ve made so far. And recently I was talking to my sister about them and she suggested that I make the baby quilts rectangular so they fit a crib or toddler bed. She felt like they would get more use this way. I don’t have a crib so I looked it up on the internet and the suggested size for a crib quilt is 32 inches by 52 inches.

This is one of the quilts I am working on right now and since having that discussion with my sister I decided I needed to add another row of 3 flowers (so it will be 3 x 4 flowers). So, back to the cutting board and back to sewing curves again.

Those of you with babies, what size do you think is most useful for a baby quilt? If I’m taking so much time to make a baby quilt, I definitely want to make them a useful size!

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– erica

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  1. Hi Erica! We are missing you tons in Boston. Your blocks are lovely! I have to say that I really like 40 x 40 sized quilts for my babies. I like making them because they aren’t too big (quick project!) and I don’t have to piece a backing. I like that size because I am able to use it right away with the baby – it isn’t too big. I had a bigger quilt waiting for when Gregory was born – and he barely started using it because it was too big (he’s nearly 3). I think your sister’s idea is good though – and if it’s too big to use initially with a brand new baby – it can always be useful on the floor for a little while.

  2. Erica, you are so talented! I spent an entire weekend quilting, but only had 9 squares and had to make square placemats because I couldn’t figure out how to put them together.
    I agree with your sister that a baby quilt that could fit the crib (& toddler bed) will be treasured AND used, rather than just treasured. Although, I always keep a quilt on the floor in the living room for the baby to play on–much easier to keep clean and comfy for the baby.

  3. Erica, your flowers are so cute! I, too, am making a baby quilt (for my first great grandchild) and was not sure about the size. I think your sister makes good sense. FYI. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2004 and took azathiaprine for 8+ years to keep my immune system from attacking me. I was able to stop that drug this year and am doing fine. Lupus is in remission, and I feel good. Keep your hopes up, and best wishes for good health!

  4. I make my quilts 40 and at least 60..that way they fit the crib and a youth bed and can also be used as a lap quilt when older…but I have been making what I call a snuggle quilt with flannel on both sides and a batting in the middle..usually 30 by 40…they use the smaller quilts a lot when they are little and can also be used to wrap around them when they are older and in car seats….I use the same flannel on the big quilt and the snuggle quilt….

  5. Thank you, thank you. I have been searching the internet for a crib quilt size and not having any luck. I am so glad you have it here. I have the panel I just need to know what size border I need to make to have it be a crib quilt.

  6. My 9-year-old grandson, who is possibly on the autism spectrum, “ordered” his quilt last summer. I was researching organic cotton fabrics and he picked out what he liked. He told me that it needed to be bigger than the baby quilt that I made for him when he was born, but not as big as his “whole body,” about the size to use on “trips in the car”–basically, a lap blanket (he’s a very tall 9-year-old!). The finished product was about 36X36. He said it’s perfect! I may try Laurie’s 40X40, though, if that’s a more flexible/usable size.

  7. So glad to find this info. I have not quilted for many years and even then only samplers. I have 5 grands but worked at the Post Office when they were born and never really had the zip or time to undertake this labor of love. Now I am retired and my Daughter is expecting her first child and I am frothing at the mouth to get started. I agree with Holly. I want it to be big enough to be used for a long time and treasured. Thank you Ladies.

  8. Thank you for this. I am making a quilt for my first grandchild and didn’t know what size was right. Don’t know if the cot sizes/beds are different in England but you have all been very helpful. By the way love your design Erica.

  9. too much work to make it too small. I make sure it will be used by the baby. am making for a two year old and plan on 40 by 60 as the length is very important a they grow so fast. he can use it to curl up anywhere with that size. perry

  10. Thank you all for the information . I’m used to making big quilts but a lot of people ask me for baby quilts.

  11. My kids and grand kids are now grown up and want more quilts like I made for them as babies. I have always added 6 to 8 in. panels around the baby quilt so they still used it when they were age 3 in daycare. Many young Moms don’t use a quilt in the crib but on the ground and instead use those zipper sleeping sacks for the first year. So for all the work I have made the larger size. Aldene

  12. If you still wanted to make a smaller one, couldn’t you put a sleeve on it so it could be hung up later and enjoyed in a different way?

  13. Helpful comments here on this post, as I’ve arrived here after doing a Google search for what size to aim for with a cot quilt/lay on the floor quilt. Renae’s idea at the end is great too. Thanks alot everyone 🙂

  14. I am getting ready to make a boy baby quilt for a friend and was searching the internet when I came across you blog! Very interesting and most helpful. I am doing a strip quilt-as-you go quilt. I made one out of minky before, but am using precut 2-1/2 inch strips of cotton this time. The minky is soooo soft to feel, but messy to work with and does stretch! The best backing for minky is cotton flannel as this stabilizes the minky. The strip quilts are very easy and fun to do!

  15. too big a quilt for a small baby is too heavy. Make it a smaller size and when/if you want to use it on a bigger bed, use it as a center and expand around it. Do the same with crocheted baby blankets and then if the want to use it again as a baby item they just take off the outside.

  16. I always make all the baby quilts big enough to go on a toddler bed. It really doesn’t take t:hat long.

  17. I’ve been making baby quilts and couch throw quilts as a hobby/job for over 25 years. the size that sells for me is 36×42 for baby and 63×77 for couch throws. i have a fb page called Burlappy & More with different quilts/crafts i make for sale, orders and shows that you could see.

  18. I asked my friend with two kids about this. She said that these days parents DO NOT put bedding in the crib, due to fears of sudden infant death (SID). She said that the most useful blankets are for the pram/stroller (rectangular) or to throw on the floor (big square). I wanted to share because when you spent a ton of time making something beautiful for a baby, you want it to be used as well as appreciated.

    1. Yes, I would agree that most people are not putting the baby quilts in the crib with the baby, but rather using them on the floor. My girl is now 14 months old and I do put her onesie quilt in the crib with her but she’s walking so I’m not worried that she will suffocate.

  19. Thank You for all the information. I am going to make a baby quilt for a friend’s 2nd grandchild and didn’t know what i could use for a size. I am going to to go with 40×40.

  20. I am making baby quilts and adult quilts to donate to a children’s hospital and the oncology dept, where adults get treatments, where my daughter works. I stopped by here to get some input on size. Perhaps 40X40 sounds about right. Great information here! I’m thinking to ask what they prefer for size as they wrap the babies in these when holding them. My daughter suggested making both because the adults spend several hours during treatment there and she feels they would love to be wrapped in a lovely quilt while they are there. Thank you so much.

  21. I am interested in making infant quilts to donate to the children’s hospital, the size 40 by 40 is perfect and the size is going to be a quick quilt for a lot of infants, Thank you.

  22. Great information here, ladies! I, too, am in the middle of piecing together a quilt. Using strips to make squares then will sew all the squares together. Great input, now I have something to go on! I think I will keep laying out my squares on the floor as I go and see what size seems to make the most sense. Thank you, everyone 🙂

  23. I made a baby quilt for my great nephew and my niece loved the size and requested that size for the next baby. I made it around 45-47 inches square (after quilting and washing). She liked it because it was big enough that she and the baby could be easily covered when she fed him or read to him.

  24. Thanks for the information. I always make baby blankets large to grow into, but notice little ones love a blanket small enough to drag around. Think will change my strategy.

  25. Thank you Ladies for the great info. I have been Quilting and Sewing for a good 25 years but its the first time that I have such a fantastic opportunity to make a Puff quilt for a my best friend’s baby girl that is due in December….. I have decided to make a “Love Puff Quilt” I have gorgeous material with hearts on it, so I think it will have a lot of meaning behind it.

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