Blue Paint Tape

I started quilting parallel lines on my newest quilt. I thought I could just “eyeball” them. After several rows I realized my eyes are crooked. I saw a roll of blue painting tape on the table and realized it was very close to the width of the rows I was sewing (lucky, huh?). So I starting taping rows of the tape on my quilt and sewing next to the tape. It works great!!

If you look closely you can see my semi-straight pre-tape rows. So, please, don’t look closely 🙂

Now I’ll have to see what other widths the tape comes in (for future quilts).

– erica

3 thoughts on “Blue Paint Tape

  1. What beautiful colors… I love the remix in there;-) Tape is fabulous for marking straight lines and it comes in a variety of widths. You might also try a hera/bone folder, easy to use and no lines to remove!!!

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