Nine thousand, seven hundred and twenty six

9,726: the number of visits I have had on my blog in one year. I have nothing to compare this to since this is my only blog and it’s my first year. But it kind of sounds like a lot of views. And it’s really close to 10,000.

Last year, today, I posted my first blog post. I can’t tell you how many times I reread that post wondering if it was okay. Now, I just kind of write.

I can’t believe how many things have happened in the past year:

  • Sewed many baby quilts, bags, pouches… and bought a little bit of fabric…
  • Joined the Boston Modern Quilt Guild
  • Took sewing classes at Laura’s Sewing School
  • Bought a kitty, who is part bengal
  • Left my job in Cambridge, MA
  • Started working in Los Angeles, CA
  • Moved across country due to above job change
  • Went to Sewing Summit 2011
  • Had two miscarriages
  • Had my one year anniversary (can I just say: best husband ever)
  • Started a sewing group at my house in LA
  • Diagnosed with Lupus
  • Became vegan

And I’m still kickin’ it! Seriously, how many changes can you have in one year?

Thanks for following along, I’m excited for year number two!

– erica

Sewing Group

When I lived in Boston I went to a sewing class every Monday night at Laura’s Sewing School. There were never any particular projects going on. Laura is a super talented sewer and so each person would bring whatever they were working on and Laura would help you with all the parts you needed help/advice/direction :). These were small classes with only about 4 women. This dedicated time to sewing every week was so satisfying. It meant you actually got some sewing done each week and also had the chance to spend time with other women.

I have looked high and low for a similar thing here in LA and I can’t find anything. Most places offer classes for particular projects. But I’m not like that. I don’t want to go sew an “apron”. I want to work on whatever my mind feels like working on. (Laura…. I think there’s a market for you here, move PLEASE!).

So, I’ve started thinking I want to start my own sewing group. We have a large dining room with a huge table (which we don’t use) that we could sew on. I’m looking to find 3-4 other girls that are interested in meeting weekly to sew for 3 hours. I’m not really sure how to go about doing that. I have some friends here that that say they are interested in sewing but most are really busy and I want to find some girls that would be committed to a weekly get-together.

How do I find these other women? First of all, if you’re reading this and you live in the Los Angeles area and would be interested, please contact me. Otherwise, I’m thinking about maybe reaching out to the Los Angeles Modern Quilt guild (but I haven’t gone to any meetings yet, doh!) or Meet-Up (although I’m afraid that will open it up too broadly). Any other suggestions?

I’m thinking: Monday nights, 7-10PM. My place in LA. Bring your own machine and any project you are working on. 3 hours of dedicated sewing time and good company.


Fashion Design

I’m sew excited! (Ha! Did I really write that?). I just registered for a continuing education class in Fashion Design at OTIS College of Art and Design. I signed up for Introduction to Apparel Construction Techniques. And, I don’t even sew clothes :-). The class is held at California Market Center, which is in the heart of LA’s Fashion District and covers an entire city block.

Have I mentioned that I love “school shopping”? Here’s a copy of my class supply list:

  • Five yards muslin
  • 2″ x 18″ see-through ruler
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • industrial single-needle foot
  • bobbin and bobbin case
  • needles
  • Scotch tape
  • French curve
  • notcher
  • cone of colored thread
  • pins
  • tracing wheel
  • seam ripper
  • flathead(standard) screwdriver
  • Sharpie marker
  • #2 pencil
  • note-taking materials

I figured I probably will learn some fun new things which will be useful for quilting- or who knows, maybe I’ll expand my reperatoire.

When I was at Sewing Summit I met Gretchen of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing and was amazed at the clothing she sews. She’s adorable.

I also started watching Project Runway the other night (I know, I’m a little bit behind…) and you never know, maybe I’ll be doctor-turned-fashion-designer…


ps. If you’re reading this post in a “reader”, please head over to my blog and let me know your thoughts on my new layout. I would love to have feedback on the design and also any quirks that show up in your browser. I’m finding out that it doesn’t show up the same for everyone.