I am working on another baby quilt and I haven’t moved forward because I can’t decide how to quilt it. I was originally thinking of echoing the diagonal seams on each side but then realized that would make a funky pattern in the middle of some of the squares. I’ve never stippled anything and that makes me a little nervous (although there always is a first…). I’ve been collecting different ways to quilt on pinterest, but still, nothing is coming to me. Suggestions?

There will be a polka dot border and solid border around the pieces that are pieced. The fabric is Kate Spain Fandango.


Habitat Quilt Challenge

The Boston Modern Quilt guild was asked to participate in the Habitat challenge.

Our rules are: (1) you can’t add any more of the prints and (2) you can’t add any other prints.

I got the fabrics and there were a few that I just didn’t like (which was probably because they sent us a few from a different line). So, I have decided to only use 6 of the prints. I am adding 6 different solids.

My original vision was to do a sort of modified cathedral window. For this I made a template (which Tabacon stole multiple times) and cut 144 cream “oval”ish shapes.


Now that I cut out the prints and the solids I’m not sure I like the idea of adding cream into the quilt. I guess I’ll start by sewing these blocks together and then lying out the cream pieces on top to see what it will look like. Sometimes you just don’t know what you like until you’ve already invested a little “love” into the project.


Too Much Deliberation.

I’m finishing up another baby quilt (post coming soon) and starting yet another baby quilt. (I already mentioned that all of my friends are having babies right?) Well, I bought some fabric awhile ago from the urban hullaboo collection and when I got it, I didn’t love it. It just doesn’t seem to look that great together. I had already bought a pattern to use the fabrics, but the more I stared at it, the less I liked that as well (see below):

So, I went hunting again and found a simpler design that I liked. I could have probably figured out how to do this myself without downloading a pattern, but I decided to be lazy.

I am changing the dimensions of the pattern, so it will be baby size and will use the 6 prints above with white as the background. I have really been wanting to try to finish a quilt with “pebbling” but I’m not sure this quilt will look good that way. Shoot, will have to find another design to do with “pebbling”.

So, finally, off to cut up the material!


Color! Color! Color!

When I went to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting I learned all kinds of great stuff, but one of my favorite tidbits was how to match colors from the comfort of your house and internet. The local fabric shop is only open during the day (when I’m working) so I was trying to figure out how to buy coordinating fabric without actually going to the store.

Rebecca showed me her kona fabric card she had gotten at Pink Chalk Fabrics. I loved it, and immediately had to have my own.

But then I thought, why stop with fabric colors? I don’t want to drive to the store to buy thread either! So I bought this Gutermann thread card which shows over 700 different colors.

So, now I can match my fabric to my thread and go to Atlanta Thread & Supply Co. to buy a spool of thread online (And it’s a pretty good deal – 1100 yards for only $2.95).

YAY! I’m able to do everything from home!


Circa 50’s.

I came home for lunch today and found this most amazing fabric at the fabric worm. I think it would make a cute clutch or coin purse.

Since I was saving money by eating lunch at home I decided to buy 1/2 yard (ummm… I forgot about shipping, I guess I’ll be having lunch at home again tomorrow).

I love it…

– erica