Vintage Meets Modern

I’m still trying to catch up on posting some prior finishes…. My grandma (dad’s mom) passed away a few years ago. She was a big time crafter and her biggest love was knitting. I have tried a few times (unsuccessfully) to knit so I’m sticking with sewing for now.  Even though she was a knitterRead more

Nine thousand, seven hundred and twenty six

9,726: the number of visits I have had on my blog in one year. I have nothing to compare this to since this is my only blog and it’s my first year. But it kind of sounds like a lot of views. And it’s really close to 10,000. Last year, today, I posted my first blogRead more


I’m taking a break from everything right now and spending time in Minnesota with my sister. I flew out here yesterday and then took a shuttle down to Rochester. When I got off the shuttle my niece was in my sister’s car screaming “ERICA, ERICA!” At the top of her lungs. I could not thinkRead more