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My Hexies

In 2011 when we moved from Boston to Los Angeles we initially thought we would be taking a road trip across the country. So I had decided I needed a hand sewing project to keep me occupied. Laurie from Dresden Lane had just taught us how to do paper piecing and so I decided to do a scrappy hexagon quilt (my original post from 2011 is here).  Several people donated their scraps since I didn’t really have any at the time.

We ended up flying to Los Angeles instead of driving and so, three years later I haven’t made much progress on this project

Scrappy Hexagons(yes, this is all I have managed to sew together…)

It has been sitting on my sewing table for this entire time and I have to admit I’m a little  sick and tired of looking at the ziplock bag I keep the scraps in. So, I’m retiring it to my scrap bin for the moment. I’m not sure if I will ever pick up this project again in the foreseeable future, but it’s sure nice to have some space on my sewing table.


Scrappy Scraps.

I posted earlier about our cross country trek from Boston to Los Angeles. My plan was to hand sew hexagons to make a scrappy quilt while spending hundreds of hours in the car.

Well, in the last week our plans have changed. As we still don’t have an apartment in Los Angeles we thought it would be better to fly out and use our time apartment hunting and buying a car rather than sightseeing. I’m actually very excited about this because I am looking forward to finding a new “home” to settle in, but now I’m kind of bummed about my hexagon project.

After my blog post I was so grateful that people sent me scraps for my scrappy quilt (I don’t have very many scraps of my own yet as I have only been quilting for about 6 months).  I am planning on still making my hexagon project (just not on a cross country trek, it will now likely be while sitting in traffic in Los Angeles).

Here are the wonderful scraps I received:

My sister cut all these squares out of fabric she had at home during her 8th month of pregnancy (in the humidity). What an amazing sister! (take a peek at Elliot).


Alexis from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild brought me these scraps to our meeting last Saturday. Aren’t they adorable!?

These are from Kathryn, a nurse at Hennepin County Medical Center. She used her Accuquilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter to cut these 2.5 inch squares. Someday I might need to add one to my collection.

Thanks again! I am very grateful.


Which Size?

I’m having trouble deciding which size hexagons I want to use for my cross country project. Will end up being either a lap quilt or a queen size quilt.

I am leaning towards the 1/2 inch hexagons and Jake prefers the 1 inch hexagons (they are measured on the edge of the hexagon- not the width across). Jake just made me a template for 3/4 inch hexagons. Might just be the perfect compromise.



I have to take a break from trying to edit ‘css’ on my blog and put up a post. Talk about frustrating!

Jake and I will soon be making a trip cross-country from Boston to Los Angeles. Jake is a much bigger fan of these road trips than I am.  I looked at google maps and it appears to be 48 hours of driving.

We will be leaving  here October 1st and if everything goes as planned, we will be rolling into Salt Lake City, UT for The Sewing Summit on October 7th. We’re hoping to combine this with a visit to the Reades (even though Jake is super supportive of my sewing hobby there is no way that I can ask him to sit through 2 days of a sewing get-together).

I saw these hexagons on flickr and am thinking about hand-sewing a hexagon quilt while driving across the United States. I want to make tiny hexagons like in this photo (1 inch finished).  I don’t have enough scraps yet to make this quilt so I bought some fabric scraps on etsy today.  I will also shamelessly accept small scraps (about 2.5 inches) from those of you who have some to share (just email me for my address :-).

At the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting last month, Laurie taught us how to do English Paper Piecing with hexagons– so I already know how to do these! How cool! THANKS LAURIE!