Yes, I’ve been MIA

Mila moved into a toddler bed and Teegan is mobile!

I know I’ve been MIA from here…. and I miss it. And I also really miss sewing — it just hasn’t happened.  It’s hard to find balance when you are working full time.  When I’m finally home with my family I don’t want to take any time away from the littles. And since we only have two bedrooms, Teegan takes his afternoon nap in our bedroom, which also happens to be where my sewing stuff is.  And at night, after bedtime, well, let’s just say….. it’s usually my bedtime too.

It’s been about 9 months since I broke my leg and things are healing. It only bothers me once and awhile, and not enough to warrant much attention. I’m looking forward to figuring out how to add running back into my schedule (ha!).

I’m off all of the immunosuppressants for lupus and am only taking plaquenil (which I will take lifelong because it’s proven to protect the kidneys, I call it “Vitamin P”).  And I don’t have any active lupus symptoms at this time- no cystitis, pericarditis, oral ulcers….. YAY!

AND my blood sugars finally returned to normal, which is so awesome. I was (self-admittedly) overly worried about it which was making me stressed out.

Mila hasn’t been eating well and has been complaining about tummy aches, so we are working with the doctors to try and figure out what is going on. And Teegan is delayed in some milestones, but he was born three weeks early, so I’m trying to not get too stressed out yet. But, I wouldn’t mind a few prayers for the littles and for me to stay strong.

So, that’s whats been going on around here. Hopefully I won’t continue to be such a stranger.

xo, Erica



A Quick Finish

I have not really mastered being able to take care of a newborn and get any sewing done. The biggest problem is that my sewing table and all of my sewing stuff is in Mila’s room, which makes it impossible to sew when she is napping (which is exactly when I have time to sew). So, after 3+ months without any regular time at my machine I needed a quick finish.

So I made this gray pillow to go with the teal pillow we purchased this weekend. We have been talking about getting pillows for the past two years since we moved to California.

A double win!



The day Mila was born I was definitely nesting. I cleaned and organized our front closet, cooked and froze a batch of soup, and finished some kitchen curtains. I’m so glad I finished our kitchen curtains now that it’s really hot in Los Angeles.

SMTD| Curtains (2)

The afternoon sun beats in our back kitchen windows and heats up our kitchen by several degrees. Since I wanted to block out the sun I lined the curtains with a blackout fabric. I cut up some old Pottery Barn Kids curtains that I had and repurposed the blackout lining.

SMTD| Curtains (1)

The curtain fabric is from IKEA and is perfect because it has birdies on it. Our kitties spend a large part of their day sitting at these windows staring outside at the birds.

The only thing about these curtains that I don’t love is that if I want to open them, they don’t stay open very well because of how they hang on the rods. For my next curtains I think I would construct the top differently (I copied the construction from the old Pottery Barn Kids curtains).  For now, I’m just going to sew some tie backs that I can use when I want them open.

Do you have a favorite curtain pattern/tutorial that you use to make lined curtains? If so, please share!

– Erica

Throw Pillows

SMTD | Throw Pillow (1)

Mila’s room also doubles as my sewing room and our guest room (yes, we live in Los Angeles and only have a two bedroom apartment). Mila is actually sleeping in a bassinet in our room so right now her room is actually for changing her diapers and relaxing on the pull out couch.

Her room is pink and grey and before she was born I decided I needed to make pink throw pillows to match her chevron rug. The pink in her rug is very hard to match (it’s kind of a blush/rose). The closest color on my Kona card was blush pink.

When I lived in Boston, I made a throw pillow with an invisible zipper, so I kind if remembered how to make it. I ended up using this tutorial by Schlosser Designs to refresh my memory and help with the details. And, whoop, it turned out pretty great!

SMTD | Throw Pillow (2)

I cut my pieces the same size as the pillow forms (18 inches) because I wanted the pillows to have a tighter fit.

The cotton was too thin to make a good pillow cover so I spray basted the kona cotton to an old curtain panel I had. Then I sewed the squares together with parallel lines, one inch apart, using one of the fancy stitches on my machine. I have to say that I really like how it turned out. (I marked the parallel lines with a hera marker– Have I talked about how great it is?- You need to get one!).