Hanna and Allie

I think it has been six weeks since Tabacon passed away. I have shed many tears during this time and am still very sad when I think about what an amazing kitty she was.  It’s hard to believe she only lived a little over a year.  We always regretted not getting her sister too, because we thought she seemed a little lonely when she was by herself.

So, a few weeks ago, when we decided to get a new kitty we decided we wanted siblings.  We actually saw them on craigslist and immediately I knew they were meant to be with us.  We didn’t know if they were boys or girls when we bought them, so we watched a You Tube video to help us figure it out (and just so you know, it’s not that easy to tell). We decided they were sister and brother, so we named them Hanna and Baxter. But then when we brought them to the vet we found out they were sisters.  So, welcome Hanna and Allie!

They were very scared initially, but they are warming up quickly.  Hanna (the calico) is more cuddly and Allie (the tabby) is more adventurous.  They play constantly. And when they aren’t playing they are snuggled together.


They are already interested in my quilting– here’s Allie sitting on my portable ironing board. I’m hoping they’ll want to sleep on one my quilts someday (right now they like the $12.99 fleece blanket I bought at CVS).

At first I was worried that I would have trouble loving them because they aren’t Tabacon. And it’s true, they definitely aren’t Tabacon. But I am falling in love. And I still miss Tabacon. And it’s OK to feel both emotions at the same time.


Tabacon loved my quilts.

This was a hard weekend. Tabacon died. She had a really random accident and died.

I keep thinking about how she was one of my biggest quilt fans. She always loved to sleep on my quilts- and preferably whichever quilt I was working on.

– erica

Kitty Pee?

Our kitty has been up to a lot of trouble lately. Mostly the kind of trouble where she hunts birds and mice (and then brings them into our apartment to kill them).

But then the other day when we came home I found this on my qult which was lying on the floor. It didn’t smell–but then, honestly, I didn’t get my nose that close.

I think it might be kitty pee. Although she hasn’t really ever peed on anything before. And I guess mouse pee would be worse. I had to rip it apart and resew this entire area.

– erica

Nine thousand, seven hundred and twenty six

9,726: the number of visits I have had on my blog in one year. I have nothing to compare this to since this is my only blog and it’s my first year. But it kind of sounds like a lot of views. And it’s really close to 10,000.

Last year, today, I posted my first blog post. I can’t tell you how many times I reread that post wondering if it was okay. Now, I just kind of write.

I can’t believe how many things have happened in the past year:

  • Sewed many baby quilts, bags, pouches… and bought a little bit of fabric…
  • Joined the Boston Modern Quilt Guild
  • Took sewing classes at Laura’s Sewing School
  • Bought a kitty, who is part bengal
  • Left my job in Cambridge, MA
  • Started working in Los Angeles, CA
  • Moved across country due to above job change
  • Went to Sewing Summit 2011
  • Had two miscarriages
  • Had my one year anniversary (can I just say: best husband ever)
  • Started a sewing group at my house in LA
  • Diagnosed with Lupus
  • Became vegan

And I’m still kickin’ it! Seriously, how many changes can you have in one year?

Thanks for following along, I’m excited for year number two!

– erica

Just the Two of Us


It’s just me and Tabacon in an empty apartment.

Meet Tabacon, My Kitty Dog.

If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a big dog lover. A really big dog lover. And apparently if you ask Jake I have crazy taste in dogs. I tend to like the really scruffy, mutt dogs. I’ve never really entertained getting a cat because 1) I love dogs 2) I love dogs and 3) I’m allergic to cats. But it seems cruel to get a puppy if we’re not around enough to take care of him (and I’m not sure my parents are up for adopting dog #2. 🙂

Jake has been telling me that cats are great. Except I wasn’t really sure about that because his cat (that lives with his parents in California) would try to swipe my leg every time I walked by. His cat has a few cute moments… but not completely convincing.

Last Friday I started to look at kitties online, thinking that maybe we could get one for Jake’s birthday. I called a lady in Shirley, MA who had 2 kitties left and we went up that evening and got our kitty (yes, i have an impulsive streak in me). I’m so glad because we got a kitty dog!

We named our kitty Tabacon after the hot springs we stayed at on our honeymoon. Especially fitting since she is a tabby cat.

She needs to be touching us at all times. She cuddles. And if you move away, she cries. While I’ve been on the computer she’s been sleeping against my left arm. And if i move it away, she moves closer.

Look at her beautiful blue eyes!


She was too little for the litter box so we made a step for her. We put 501 Spanish Verbs on top, since she has a Spanish name.


She gives kisses!

I love my kitty dog!