Lupus. It’s that weird disease that feels impossible to diagnose. Managed by rheumatology which is the specialty that manages all those elusive diseases…. Of which, I now have. I have lupus. The last several months have been an interesting journey. Life has been throwing me a lot of curve balls and it seems that eachRead more


I had a little downtime between patients this morning (scheduling glitch, but such a nice Friday morning surprise) and I was catching up on reading the stack of NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) journals on my desk.  I started the article Accessing Supplement Safety- The FDA’s Controversial Proposal and when I got to the third paragraph,Read more

Somerville Primary Care

At the beginning of 2010 I moved to Boston, MA to be with my husband (who was my boyfriend at that time). Before I moved to Massachussets I was working as a “hospitalist” in Minnesota. A “hospitalist” is a doctor that only works in the hospital, taking care of patients that are admitted. It’s excitingRead more

Dangerous Diet Pills.

I work in a really cool clinic. There is always stuff happening. It’s hard for me to decide which I like more: the patients, the medical assistants, the residents, my colleagues… Everything about this place is great.  I am really going to miss it here. Have you worked with someone that inspires you? For me,Read more