Four Months

Every month I say the same thing: “I can’t believe she’s — months already!” But seriously, four months already? On one hand it kind of feels like she’s been with us forever, and on the other hand, it’s like it’s been the blink of an eye. And every single day it gets better and better.Read more

Two Months

Is it possible that another month has gone by? Time is flying. I’m so glad I took a leave of absence from work to have an extended maternity leave. Thankfully, I won’t be going back until the end of December. She is getting more adorable by the day. Here are some of her milestones duringRead more

One Month

I can’t believe how quickly one month has gone by! This post is already a little late as she is 5 1/2 weeks old already! Here are some of her milestones in this first month: – Lost her umbilical stump at one week – Makes the cutest grunting noises when she is hungry (my littleRead more