My Hexies

In 2011 when we moved from Boston to Los Angeles we initially thought we would be taking a road trip across the country. So I had decided I needed a hand sewing project to keep me occupied. Laurie from Dresden Lane had just taught us how to do paper piecing and so I decided to do a scrappy hexagon quilt (my original post from 2011 is here).  Several people donated their scraps since I didn’t really have any at the time.

We ended up flying to Los Angeles instead of driving and so, three years later I haven’t made much progress on this project

Scrappy Hexagons(yes, this is all I have managed to sew together…)

It has been sitting on my sewing table for this entire time and I have to admit I’m a little  sick and tired of looking at the ziplock bag I keep the scraps in. So, I’m retiring it to my scrap bin for the moment. I’m not sure if I will ever pick up this project again in the foreseeable future, but it’s sure nice to have some space on my sewing table.


Vintage Sewing Machines

Jake and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend. And somehow we landed in the most amazing store full of vintage sewing machines. The entrance to  Allsaints Spitalfields is an entire wall of vintage machines. The majority of them were old Singer machines.

Inside the store they used larger machines as their displays for their clothing. I was in *love*.

And I especially loved these giant old spools of thread.

It made me want to come back home and sew 🙂

– erica

“home” in New Orleans

This weekend is exactly what I needed. I felt like I walked around with a smile from ear to ear for the past two days.

I am in New Orleans for the annual ACP Conference of Internal Medicine. I’m not sure how many physicians are here, but there are lots. During the day there are probably at least a hundred different lectures to choose from and in between lectures and in the evening there is time to spend relaxing with colleagues.


There are a lot of people from MN here, mainly people I know from residency. After spending 3 years there, it feels like I am “home” this weekend.



It is also navy week in New Orleans so over lunch on Thursday we toured the USS WASP. I got to hold a gun.


Thursday night we went to Emeril’s (the famous chefs’ first restaurant). We had an amazing time- and they were able to make me a very tasty vegan meal (my dietary choices have provided my colleagues with a lot of material for teasing me).


And speaking of dietary choices (vegan), I’ve been getting my share of red beans and rice.


It’s been a great time, but also excited to see my husband tonight. Four nights away might be my max.

Doggy Dreadlocks

Who doesn’t love doggy dreadlocks?



Mal País

I can’t believe how hot it is here in Mal Pais. We are on the pacific coast at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula.

The mornings and evenings are bearable but mid day is intolerable. I understand why there are so many hammocks everywhere, it’s about all you can do.

I thought we might surf but the waves are so huge I’m afraid. We’ve been spending lots of time napping, reading, being very still.

It’s also amazing the amount of mind chatter I hear even when things are so calm. I wonder how long it would take for the mind chatter to go away.

Most of our pictures are in our big camera, but here are a few from my iPhone:

Our replacement for Tabacón. Her name is gato. (I love the originality of her name).

A very rocky beach.

An iguana our porch, about 3 feet long.

Yup, that’s my love.

Hot beach. Maybe too hot.

Can’t wait to share pictures of us with my Costa Rica family, but I will have to wait to get them off our camera.


Volcan Arenal


We spent two nights relaxing at Tabacón Hot Springs (yes, this is where our kitty got our name). The hot springs were amazing- warmer than last year (maybe the volcano is about to erupt…). Now we are in a much more remote area, called Mal Pais- more pictures and stories to come.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross

Everywhere we went on our honeymoon people greeted us as “Mr. and Mrs. Ross”. My maiden name is Ross, but since I made our reservations they assumed this was our married name. It was cute.

Una Araña

Some of my favorite honeymoon pictures from Costa Rica coming soon…


I’m taking a break from everything right now and spending time in Minnesota with my sister. I flew out here yesterday and then took a shuttle down to Rochester. When I got off the shuttle my niece was in my sister’s car screaming “ERICA, ERICA!” At the top of her lungs. I could not think of a better greeting.

Lana refers to Elliot as “my baby brother”. I haven’t heard her call him by his name yet. She’s been a little more of  a stinker than normal, which I’m guessing is an adjustment phase.

We went out for dinner last night and Lana is still obsessed with werewolves. At the restaurant they were playing music which she claimed was “Werewolf Music”. She did an amazing dance.

Check it out:

Elliot is a super chill baby. He mostly sleeps. And he is just a little lump in your arms. I’m trying to hold him as much as I can over the next few days to get my Elliot fill before I go back to CA.

I love being home.



Things have been a bit busy in my life lately. We our movers packed up our entire apartment last week and put all of our stuff in a POD that is somewhere in middle-USA right now. After a 6 hour flight with a whiny kitty we landed in Los Angeles. We’ve spent the past week taking care of things: like getting new licenses at the DMV, finding a new apartment and buying another car.

So, after a busy week, I got on an airplane and am currently in Salt Lake City at Sewing Summit (a modern sewing and blogging and social media conference). I was really fortunate to meet up with some fellow Boston Modern Quilt Girls: Split Yarn, Stitchy McYarn Pants, and Goddess in Progress Quilts.  I have to say it makes me a little sad that I am leaving Boston. Hopefully we can stay in touch through fun events like these.

Last night I got my first glimpse of the sewing room, and it was awesome (too bad I was too exhausted to sew).

This morning I won an adorable necklace at the blogging workshop by Old Red Barn Co. This necklace is from cinnamon sticks. It’s funny that just a day ago I was showing Jake a necklace just like this on ETSY (I guess you’re off the hook, love!).

We made oilcloth pouches in another class. All I can say is: OILCLOTH IS FRUSTRATING to sew because it sticks to the sewing pedal and doesn’t feed right.

Looking forward to my workshops tomorrow!