I have to take a break from trying to edit ‘css’ on my blog and put up a post. Talk about frustrating!

Jake and I will soon be making a trip cross-country from Boston to Los Angeles. Jake is a much bigger fan of these road trips than I am.  I looked at google maps and it appears to be 48 hours of driving.

We will be leaving  here October 1st and if everything goes as planned, we will be rolling into Salt Lake City, UT for The Sewing Summit on October 7th. We’re hoping to combine this with a visit to the Reades (even though Jake is super supportive of my sewing hobby there is no way that I can ask him to sit through 2 days of a sewing get-together).

I saw these hexagons on flickr and am thinking about hand-sewing a hexagon quilt while driving across the United States. I want to make tiny hexagons like in this photo (1 inch finished).  I don’t have enough scraps yet to make this quilt so I bought some fabric scraps on etsy today.  I will also shamelessly accept small scraps (about 2.5 inches) from those of you who have some to share (just email me for my address :-).

At the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting last month, Laurie taught us how to do English Paper Piecing with hexagons– so I already know how to do these! How cool! THANKS LAURIE!



There’s nothing like spending the weekend with your niece. Even if it’s pouring rain and humid.

She says the most amazing things:

I love you Erica

Thanks for coming to see me Erica

I have so much fun with you

I got to watch her ride a bike (with training wheels) for the first time.  Such special moments. They warm my heart.

We also went to feed the ducks and geese- a little scary if there are hundreds of them and you’re short. Click on this to watch Lana with the ducks!


I can’t get enough of her. Lana, I love you!

– erica

NYC Subway Quilt.

We’re sitting on the Megabus coming back from NYC to Boston. I just got wordpress on my iphone which should allow me to publish posts on the go from my phone. So, I’m trying it out.

I noticed this tiling in the subway at Penn station that I thought would make a great quilt.