Christmas… in September?

Last year we had trouble with our Christmas tree. Actually for the past 2 years we have had trouble with our Christmas trees. It’s sad and hilarious at the same time.  (If you want a good laugh and reminder, read my old post).

Since we now know that I am allergic to Christmas trees, we have a fake Christmas tree. It is in a giant tupperware container in our garage, just waiting to be set up for Christmas. No, I’m not going to set it up quite yet (September is a little early), but I thought I would start now to make a Christmas tree skirt, some ornaments and some stockings. I always am overambitious about what I can complete so the earlier I start, the better.

I bought an assortment of fun Christmas prints and pulled out an old Christmas tree skirt pattern I already had. This morning I cut out the outside scallops.

(Sorry for the blurry picture, my iphone isn’t cooperating today)

Here’s where I need your help:

Should the center of the skirt to be white or linen?

Should I hand quilt or machine quilt it?

And if I hand quilt the center, should it be a pattern?

Should I use white or colored thread?

The original pattern calls to applique some holly leaves and berries in the center, but I don’t think I want to do that.



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