Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are not our forte — yet. This is our second Christmas together. Last year we were driving by a Christmas tree lot in Cambridge, MA when we decided to buy a tree on a whim. Out in the fresh air, the trees didn’t look so big.  But when that tree was home in our place, it was REALLY BIG. And if you buy a tree, you have to buy a tree stand. And ornaments. And garland. And a star.

We lived on the second floor and getting that tree up the narrow stairway was quite the challenge. Getting it down seemed an even bigger challenge. We got an industrial sized garbage bag and tried to put the tree in that, but it wouldn’t fit.

After a lot of careful planning, we ended up just dropping it down the stairwell and then running in our pajamas through the snow, because we almost missed garbage pick-up.

This year, we decided to get a smaller tree. But it was after a long day of errands. And we were tired. And it was dark out. They were selling trees at the local hardware store, and while Jake was inside paying for the tree the guy outside was telling me that our tree was essentially dead (it had come in a few shipments ago) and he was really hoping that our tree would make it to Christmas.

In the daylint, our tree was brown. If I breathed too hard or moved too fast, the needles would fall on the ground.

And then I started sneezing, and sneezing, and sneezing. I guess I am allergic to the “Douglas Fir”. So, I had to move it out of our living room. You cannot imagine the mess that the tree made.

So now we have a fake christmas tree. But it’s so weak on top that our star won’t stand straight up.

Seriously… Maybe we’ll get it right next year?


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