Color! Color! Color!

When I went to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting I learned all kinds of great stuff, but one of my favorite tidbits was how to match colors from the comfort of your house and internet. The local fabric shop is only open during the day (when I’m working) so I was trying to figure out how to buy coordinating fabric without actually going to the store.

Rebecca showed me her kona fabric card she had gotten at Pink Chalk Fabrics. I loved it, and immediately had to have my own.

But then I thought, why stop with fabric colors? I don’t want to drive to the store to buy thread either! So I bought this Gutermann thread card which shows over 700 different colors.

So, now I can match my fabric to my thread and go to Atlanta Thread & Supply Co. to buy a spool of thread online (And it’s a pretty good deal – 1100 yards for only $2.95).

YAY! I’m able to do everything from home!


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