Crib skirt

I decided to make our baby girl’s crib quilt rather than buying one. I wanted to be able to control the length of the skirt so that it would skim the floor (allowing me to store baby stuff discreetly under the crib). I picked a grey print as her room is pink, white and grey.

SMTD- Crib Skirt
Fabric: Stardust in Grey by Lonni Rossi, Winters Kiss Metallics collection.

I didn’t have a pattern so I just measured the dimensions and sewed 4 pieces together to a large panel that was the size of the bottom of the crib.

SMTD- Crib Skirt

I added inverse pleats to the corners because I wasn’t sure how the skirt was going to fit, but in retrospect I wish I had not added the pleats on the corners. I think I would prefer it if there were pleats/gathering along the entire skirt or not at all. I’m not a huge fan of the extra fabric just in the corners. If I had been really thinking I would have made a prototype out of muslin before making the actual skirt.

– erica

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  1. Where do you get the energy to be doing all this stuff? Also, “inverse pleats”? I have never even heard of them before. You are such a pro!

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