Cross Stitch Hem.

I’ve been very busy doing a LOT of different things, but unfortunately I haven’t been blogging about it. So, I’m going to start today by writing about how I learned how to hem pants!

Last week I was at work and I saw a string on the bottom of my pants. I pulled on it. And then about 1 second later I didn’t have a hem anymore. And then strange thing, it happened with another pair of pants the very next day (you think I might have learned that I shouldn’t pull on those strings). But then I thought, ooh yay, I can learn how to hem pants at sewing school! So last night I did.

Laura showed me a really neat way to hem pants where the seam gets laid down really tight against the pants- so this way you can’t get your heel stuck in the hem and rip it out. Plus, I think it looks beautiful.

So, here goes:

My pants had been serged along the bottom so I will use the serged edge as a landmark for the directions.

1. Baste your hem. (It’s better than using pins because then you don’t get the thread stuck on the pins)

– Oh and I learned to put my thread through beeswax first and then iron it to keep it from twisting up, fun!

2. Pick your spot to start hemming, you will be traveling to the right (normally you travel to the left if you’re right handed). Put the needle through the material hiding the knot inside the hem. In this picture it is right below the serged edge.

3. Now, move slightly to the right, and above the serged edge. You will take a small stitch (just a few threads wide) from right to left (even though you’re moving to the right). This allows the stitch to “lock”. This small stitch will show through on your pants so this is the one to pay close attention to.

4. Ok, now move to the right again, taking a small stitch (from right to left) below the serged edge.

5. Keep going all the way around the bottom, and when you’re finished you’ll get a beautiful cross stitch hem!

I am wondering if you could use this as a decorative stitch to sew on a quilt binding.


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