Dangerous Diet Pills.

I work in a really cool clinic. There is always stuff happening. It’s hard for me to decide which I like more: the patients, the medical assistants, the residents, my colleagues… Everything about this place is great.  I am really going to miss it here.

Have you worked with someone that inspires you? For me, that person is Pieter Cohen, MD. He is a primary care physician here at Somerville Hospital Primary Care and just recently stepped down as the associate residency director.  He was director of ambulatory medicine (Translated: he was in charge of creating the curriculum and teaching the new [resident] doctors in clinic).  Pieter has many qualities that I hope to emulate in my career (of course mixed with a few of my own). I know he has impacted the residents (if you are resident who has trained under Pieter please leave a comment on how he has impacted you).

Pieter is also an expert on adulterated dietary supplements and has been featured in The New York Times, , National Public Radio, Popular Science, CBS, and the Dr. Oz Show.

If you’re partial to medical journals, he was published in NEJM: “American Roulette- Contaminated Dietary Supplements“.

Dr. Cohen did a study in our clinic with our female Brazilian patients and whether they were using or had previously used Pai You Guo a weight loss supplement which contains sibutramine (an appetite suppresent which has increased risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer). Sibutramine was pulled off the market in the US in 2009.  However, 25% of our patients had/are taking this!


Here is an article Dr. Cohen wrote about the Dangers of Dietary Supplements for Dr. Oz.

Still to come… his opinion on the HCG diet!


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