Decorative Quilting with my new machine

Since we moved to Orange County last year I’ve been really fortunate to become friends with several of my new colleagues. When I was interviewing at different clinics I immediately fell in love with my current clinic because of the people. There are lots of “mamas” in my clinic and everyone is super friendly. Colleagues are SO important to our work health!

One of my colleagues is having a little baby girl in November. It’s been super fun to follow along with her during her pregnancy. Mila has been very interested in “babies growing in tummies” and is always asking me how Katrina is doing. However, when Mila’s actually around Katrina she gets really shy and won’t look at her or touch her belly (even though I know she’s dying to do both).  Both Mila and Teegan will walk around with baby dolls stuffed under their shirts… it’s so adorable.

We actually have TWO Katrinas at our clinic and they’re both pregnant– this quilt is for Katrina on the right.

Last week, Katrina had a baby shower and our whole family was invited and Mila was so excited. Unfortunately I’d had a really long work week and also worked a weekend shift so when Sunday came I felt like I was having a mini flare and at the last minute I decided to stay home and rest.  The next morning, Mila helped me wrap the present and made the card by herself. As soon as I got home from work Mila asked me if Katrina opened her gift and if she liked her card *swoon*.

I made a simple stripe quilt which turned out to be difficult to square out at the end because it seemed to stretch after I sewed all the strips together.

I used one of the decorative quilting stitches on my new machine which was fun (I loooooove my new machine, Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP.

I added my new label and bound it with a zigzag stitch again.

It looked great before I washed it so I’m not sure why it looks so incredibly wrinkly in the photo.

I’m wondering if it’s because I washed and dried it by itself, without anything else in the machine? Anyone else have this happen with stripe/straight quilting?  Anyone with thoughts or suggestions?


ps. I’m going to update you soon on our recent trip back to MN. We had a blast!


4 thoughts on “Decorative Quilting with my new machine

  1. Hey Erica, so good to see you writing again. I just bought a Janine Merycraft 6600 in February. I love the machine. I even sold my Bernina to a student.

    As far as stretching, that may happen when you sew strips because you are sewing on the crosswise grain. Then the puckering could be for a few reasons. The more you see, the more it can shrink a quilt. And, depending on the thread you use, that may shrink the quilt, too. Cotton thread will shrink more than polyester.

    You may want to use your Accufeed when your doing the decorative stitching. And, spray baste the quilt layers together. You’re going to wash it anyway, if it’s for a baby.

    You could also try prewashing the fabric, if it’s not from a jelly roll. And preshrink the batting by throwing it in the dryer with a damp towel. This will get out wrinkles, if you bought packaged batting. And, it will make it shrink, too.

    Let me know if you want more information. Miss having you here in Massachusetts.

    1. Thanks Laura, I miss sewing with you guys so much! Those Monday nights were my favorite thing of all time. It’s nice to hear from you. xo.

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