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When I heard that google reader was going extinct I was pretty bummed. I had all my favorite blogs in google reader and loved that I would see the new posts automatically without having to remember exactly which blogs I follow. It also assured me that I wouldn’t miss any new posts. I loved the “star” feature because I would star the posts that inspired me and then it would save them so I could go back later and “pin” the pictures that I wanted to keep.

I ended up switching to Bloglovin on the advice of some of the bloggers I follow, and I have to say I’m actually happier! Bloglovin is visually beautiful (google reader was not beautiful, it was functional). And it works on my iphone so I can read blogs if I’m out and about with some idle time on my hands. And I can still “heart” the posts I love so I can go back and add the inspirational photos to pinterest.

If you’ve never followed blogs with a website like this, I recommend you give it a try.

So, come, Follow me on Bloglovin

– erica

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