Geekly Skulls

Today is my first day flying solo with Mila at home. And it’s been a fussy day so I essentially haven’t put her down at all. Right now she is sleeping on my belly and if I move at all she squeals.  Although I’m not really complaining about having to cuddle with my precious little princess…

Here we are (thanks photo booth!). Don't mind the big bandage on my arm, I had a dysplastic mole removed yesterday....
(don’t mind the big bandage on my arm, I had an abnormal mole removed yesterday….)

I’ve been thinking that I would like to make something for my ob/gyn as a thank you gift. I was initially hoping to bring it to my post-partum visit. But since that is next week, I’m realizing that’s probably not going to happen. The biggest problem is that I can’t decide what to make her. My regular “go-to gift” is a baby quilt but she doesn’t have a baby, so I have to think of something else. During my pregnancy I noticed she had a lot of clothing with skulls on it, so I found this great fabric that I want to use.

Geekly Chic Skulls in Grey by Amy Adams
Geekly Chic Skulls in Grey by Amy Adams

I’m wondering if any of you have suggestions of what to make with this fabric or patterns that you have used and love (purse, pouch, other idea???)? I’m totally open. I think my creative juices are a little dry because I haven’t slept much in the past month…..

I have been accumulating patterns/tutorials/inspiration over time on Pinterest. Here are the purse and bag tutorials and here’s some other random crafty goodness I have found.


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  1. You could try the many options of Michelle Patterns – they are all very well written, affordable, and I always get tons of compliments/excitement when I give them away or they observe one that I have made for myself.

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