Glam Garlands

I think this is my favorite baby quilt so far. As soon as I saw the Glam Garlands quilt in Elizabeth Hartman’s book Modern Patchwork: 12 Quilts to Take you Beyond the Basics, I knew it was destined to be a baby quilt. The pattern is written as a throw size which was way too big for a crib/toddler bed, so I downsized the pattern. Adjusting the size was way more difficult to do that than I anticipated– major math! In the end I’m not even sure it ended up the size I anticipated, but it looked perfect.

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SMTD| Glam Garlands (4)

This baby quilt is for Mila’s BFF, Ellie. When we moved to California I was so lucky to meet my girlfriend Amanda. She started about one month after me at work and works in the module next to mine (our clinic is really large so we are broken up into smaller modules which function kind of like individual, smaller clinics). Amanda and I became fast friends and she honestly makes me want to go to work in the morning! We collaborate frequently on patients we see- we are constantly calling each other.

Amanda had her daughter, Ellie, right around the time we found out we were pregnant with Mila. We were both happy that our girls will be so close in age and we already have many plans for them. The main one is that they will be BFF’s (well, at least for as long as we are in charge of who they play with).

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It’s so great to have a friend that just passed through parenting one step ahead of me. It’s so great to have someone to ask for support and wisdom! She is back at work now and I’m taking pointers on how to survive being a working mom for when I go back.

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– Erica


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