Granny Squares… altered

Somehow I forgot to post this finish, and it’s one of my favorites!

Jake’s family grew up alongside the Reade family. Jake has been best friends with Jason since he was born (their moms met in a ‘mommy and me’ group when their older siblings were little).

He was the best man at our wedding and is really a part of our family.

Jason’s grandma (Baba) was also at our wedding and was definitely my type of woman, she loved good company and wine 🙂 This photo is from our photo booth and Baba is ninety-three years old!

When she passed away in 2012 (at ninety five), Jason’s sister asked if I would be able to make a quilt with her old head scarves that she wore over her curlers.  It took me a long time to decide what type of quilt to make with them because I wanted to make something that really honored Baba’s memory.

Eventually I settled on a granny square block, inspired by one of my favorite quilters Blue Elephant Stitches.  I couldn’t get the traditional squares to look how I wanted with the fabrics I had, so I decided to just alternate the scarf fabric with a solid to really show the scarves off.

I was also initially planning on putting a sashing in between the blocks but when I put the final blocks together a sashing just didn’t feel right.

I chose a vintage print from my grandmother’s stash to put along the outside edge and on the back. And to not detract from the scarf prints, I bound it in the same fabric.

My plan was to make a lap size quilt but without the sashing there wasn’t enough fabric and luckily Jessica got pregnant so it was just serendipitous that this fabric was meant to be made into a baby quilt for Conrad!

And seriously, he’s like the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. He never stops smiling.


ps. I’m filing this quilt into my 2016 finishes…. yes, I’m that late at posting it.

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