Habitat Quilt Challenge

The Boston Modern Quilt guild was asked to participate in the Habitat challenge.

Our rules are: (1) you can’t add any more of the prints and (2) you can’t add any other prints.

I got the fabrics and there were a few that I just didn’t like (which was probably because they sent us a few from a different line). So, I have decided to only use 6 of the prints. I am adding 6 different solids.

My original vision was to do a sort of modified cathedral window. For this I made a template (which Tabacon stole multiple times) and cut 144 cream “oval”ish shapes.


Now that I cut out the prints and the solids I’m not sure I like the idea of adding cream into the quilt. I guess I’ll start by sewing these blocks together and then lying out the cream pieces on top to see what it will look like. Sometimes you just don’t know what you like until you’ve already invested a little “love” into the project.


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