The Boston Modern Quilt Guild was asked to participate in Jay McCarroll’s Habitat challenge. We were each given a fat eighth of the fabrics in the BRIGHTS colorway.

However, one of the prints was not from the BRIGHTS colorway, but (accidentally?)  from the EARTH colorway.  And, as much as I tried, I could not bring myself to mix it in.

I also could not bring myself to add this print in, although looking at my finished quilt, I actually think it would have looked OK.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do for this quilt. As I haven’t been quilting for very long, I am trying to do something unique with each quilt to help me learn a new technique. I had a vision of doing something with curves. I drew a sketch on a manilla envelope and then Jake whipped out a really nice drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

 I was initially going to try to make the curves with finished seams, but then decided it just seemed too hard. Since then I have seen some tutorials of people doing designs similar to what I had envisioned (check out Amy’s tutorial from Stichery Dickory Dock).

I decided to cut a bazillion curved pieces of fabric from kona snow with a template. This was a perfect project to do while watching Dexter (we watched multiple seasons in a few weeks…).

 I sewed together the fabric squares with some kona solids mixed in (we were only allowed to add solids).  I used pomegranate, carnation, buttercup, peridot, aqua and black.  It actually looked so nice and simple that I almost stopped there. But then I decided that this was a challenge quilt so it would be better to do my original design. And I’m glad I did.

 The “template” pieces give the quilt an entirely different look.

I laid the template pieces on top of the squares and then did a snake-like stitch from one end to the other. It made a beautiful pattern on the back of the quilt.

 The night before the quilt was due, I had not yet finished sewing all the pieces on. Taz came over and was working on her challenge quilt and it was so nice to have company!

I finished the outside edges with a serger and then changed my mind multiple times on how I wanted to do the edging/binding. I felt like a traditional binding would look strange with all the curves so I wanted to wrap the template pieces around the edge. But when I wrapped them, they didn’t overlap anymore so you could see the serged seam. So, I cut larger pieces out of kona snow and sewed those on so they overlapped, but that looked strange, so I ripped all of those out (this is where I always hear Laura saying “If you’re going to sew you’ve got to be willing to rip…”), and put the original pieces back on.

 If I had been forward planning I would have turned right sides together on the ends to have a closed seam, but I couldn’t change it once all the pieces had been sewn on (this is hard to explain…). Or, if I had used a matching thread color it wouldn’t have been as noticeable.

Taz gave me the idea to fringe the edges of the pieces, and I love how that turned out. I was racing against the clock to get to our quilt guild meeting and Jake helped me fringe all the edges (*best husband EVER*).

 It turned out baby quilt size. I like it, but am not sure exactly what to do with it. Kitty quilt?



4 thoughts on “Habitat

  1. Holy Cow, that turned out so cute. I absolutely love it. I may have to copy your idea one of these days. Good Job. I think of you often and wonder what you are up to and how you are doing. Hope all is well.


  2. It is amazing how those eye shaped pieces totally changed the look of the quilt. I do like it. Was that the last quilt we got to see you do here? If you get to Boston you have to come see my new sewing school space. It’s in the same building as the Fabric Corner and they are staying open on my class nights.


    1. I got an email from Fabric Corner that they were staying open on weeknights. That’s totally awesome. I wish I was still in your class. I miss it every single week. If I come back, I will definitely visit!

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