Hair Loss

I have several projects in the works with fun posts coming up, but thought I would write about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

I’m losing my hair.

Every morning when I brush my hair I am losing handfuls of it. Then during the day it continually sheds all over everything. My ponytail is about half the size it used to be. In light of everything that has happened in the past year it seems insignificant, but it still bothers me. I am imagining myself in a wig soon.

I think the most frustrating part is that I don’t know what is causing it- so I don’t know how long to expect it to last. There are so many possibilities: a lupus flare (when lupus itself is more active you can lose a lot of hair), the medications I am taking for lupus (I just recently stopped azathioprine, but am still taking plaquenil and prednisone), the high fever that got me hospitalized in August (physical stress can cause hair loss), hormone changes (we are undergoing fertility treatment) or just plain ol’ emotional stress.

I started taking the supplement biotin to see if that will help.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will stabilize and slow down soon.


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