Hanna and Allie

I think it has been six weeks since Tabacon passed away. I have shed many tears during this time and am still very sad when I think about what an amazing kitty she was.  It’s hard to believe she only lived a little over a year.  We always regretted not getting her sister too, because we thought she seemed a little lonely when she was by herself.

So, a few weeks ago, when we decided to get a new kitty we decided we wanted siblings.  We actually saw them on craigslist and immediately I knew they were meant to be with us.  We didn’t know if they were boys or girls when we bought them, so we watched a You Tube video to help us figure it out (and just so you know, it’s not that easy to tell). We decided they were sister and brother, so we named them Hanna and Baxter. But then when we brought them to the vet we found out they were sisters.  So, welcome Hanna and Allie!

They were very scared initially, but they are warming up quickly.  Hanna (the calico) is more cuddly and Allie (the tabby) is more adventurous.  They play constantly. And when they aren’t playing they are snuggled together.


They are already interested in my quilting– here’s Allie sitting on my portable ironing board. I’m hoping they’ll want to sleep on one my quilts someday (right now they like the $12.99 fleece blanket I bought at CVS).

At first I was worried that I would have trouble loving them because they aren’t Tabacon. And it’s true, they definitely aren’t Tabacon. But I am falling in love. And I still miss Tabacon. And it’s OK to feel both emotions at the same time.


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  1. Erica,
    Thanks for sharing both the photos of Hanna and Allie and the story of your grief and healing. They are SO cute and will bring so much joy into your life! I haven’t had kittens for years and years but remember those wonderful, wild times when we had kittens.,, such curiousity, mischief and zest for life! Enjoy!

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