Happy Birthday Kaitlin!

It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Kaitlin!

She recently moved to San Francisco and is working in design (way cool!). I am in love with little pouches and so I thought I’d try making her one with this cool fabric  found. It just says “Kaitlin” to me.

Last weekend I bought the fabric and supplies so I could make it during my sewing class on monday night. On Monday, over lunch, I was at home studying the directions (getting ready to be the star student in class) and I realized I had the wrong zipper (only had a 7 inch zipper instead of a 12 inch zipper) and had forgotten to buy the interfacing. There were only 5 items on the list and I’d managed to mess up 2 of them!

We only have one car now and Jake had it with him at work, so I was going to try and rent a Zipcar to go to the fabric store before class. But the fabric store closes at 5:30PM and I had a full afternoon of patients. Luckily for me, I called Laura (at Laura’s Sewing School) and she went to the fabric corner and bought what I needed. THANKS!

So last Monday night I was able to finish the box pouch. I love how it turned out!

It’s even lined on the inside! I found the box pouch tutorial on The Plaid Scottie.

Love you Kaitlin! Happy Birthday!