Hello Kitty

I have the most adorable niece in the world. And I’m not biased. There is nothing that makes my spirit happier than spending time with Lana. This past weekend we went to the Minnesota Zoo.

Seriously, how cute are we together? (You’ll be seeing lots of hats, visors, and long sleeve shirts in the future since Lupus flares can be triggered by sunshine).  

Lana LOVES hello kitty. I actually think it’s a bit alarming how excited she gets, and also wished I got that excited over something so simple. I found some japanese hello kitty fabric last year and bought 2 yards with the intention of making her something.

Anyone with any good ideas or patterns? I think I would prefer to make a cute bag or pillow, probably not clothing.


4 thoughts on “Hello Kitty

  1. Hey Erica:

    How ’bout a couple of pillowcases for her bed? or a pillowcase and a pair of PJ pants?
    The 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge has a lot of free pillowcase patterns. Check out this page on their site:

    I know about the hat thing. One of the RA meds I’m on doesn’t allow me to drink alcohol (not a problem since I didn’t anyway) and I can’t spend time in the sun, a reaction in the skin. Causes a rash, which is much more mild than the consequences you have to deal with.

    But, you are fashion foward, very Audrey Hepburn!


  2. I just bought the amy butler sunhat pattern. Let’s make some… I’m a huge hat girl myself… Wear them all the time.

    Hello kitty fabric:
    Here’s what we’ve done with character fabrics….
    Sandwich/snack baggies
    Cloth napkins
    Pajama pants
    Tote bags
    Pencil cases (I can show you how, if you dont already know)
    Doll quilts

    Ps- you look so pretty in your hat!

  3. Oh my gosh! Talk about getting so excited about something so simple! I am 30 and get super warm and fuzzy when I see hello kitty stuff! Right when I saw your link I freaked out and had to check it out! If you have extra fabric you should make me something! I will buy it from you! Pleassssssssssssse!

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