Hemming Jeans

Jake had a pair of jeans that needed hemming because they were too long. I’ve never hemmed jeans before and, frankly, was a little nervous. I was worried that the seam wouldn’t look “normal” and that my needle wouldn’t get through all the layers with my machine.

SMTD- Hemming JeansHe put the jeans on and I marked them at the desired finished length. I then cut them 1 inch longer than that. I folded the edge under 1/2 inch and again another 1/2 inch. I ironed the rolled hem to make it lie flat before sewing.

SMTD- Hemming JeansI increased the stitch length to 2.6 (I normally sew at a setting of 2.2). I used regular weight thread and a “jeans” needle. I was really happy with how they turned out! And so was Jake!

– erica


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  1. I’ve always said no to every person who’s asked if I can hem jeans… No way do I want that word out… You’re brave to post this!

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