Homemade Bread.

About a month ago I discovered homemade bread. I’d never tried making bread before, not even with a bread maker! I am following a lot of different blogs (love it!) and I saw a post on making homemade bread. She said it actually worked for her, so I thought we’d try it.

Of course it took a little investment (as all my little projects seem to these days). We had to buy the book, a baking stone, a bucket and a bread dough stirring spoon. Oh, and a thermometer to check the temperature of our oven- and by the way- it’s exactly, right on.

I was really excited when I got the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and found out that it was written by two fellow Minnesotans. Now, I know I don’t live in Minnesota anymore, but I still have a very kindred spirit with fellow Minnesotans. And, one of the authors is also a doctor! How crazy! Maybe someday I’ll write  a book!

So, it’s super easy. You start out by mixing water, yeast, salt and flour in a bucket. Then you let it set out for a few hours to rise. You put it into the fridge and then take out the portion you need when you are craving bread.

So far we’ve made white bread, peasant bread (has rye and wheat in it), wheat bread, olive oil bread and pizza dough. My favorites so far are the peasant bread and the olive oil bread.

Speaking of Minnesota, I’m off to the airport right now to go visit my sister for the weekend. So excited!


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