Just Dandy

This quilt is taking longer than I anticipated. But that’s actually a pretty common occurance with my sewing. I always have grand ideas about how much I’m going to do, but then it doesn’t quite happen (sometimes I’m just tired after a long day at work).

I based this quilt on the floral crosshatch print by Josephine Kimberling in her Just Dandy line for Robert Kaufman. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is in print anymore. I decided to supplement the print with some pink and brown solids. I am frequently drawn to using just a few prints with many solids. I find that the prints are so amazing and I feel like you don’t notice them as much if you use a lot of them together.


Here’s a closeup of the selvedge.

I’m planning on quilting with parralel lines. This could take awhile…

– erica

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