I’ve wanted little labels to sew into the binding of my quilts for awhile. I ordered some right away (over a year ago now) when I started quilting, but never actually sent them the information or graphic to have them printed. And then since a year went by I couldn’t find the order anymore so I lost them.

I found these labels on ETSY at Jennifer’s Jewels. I told her what font I wanted, sent her the graphic of my sewing machine (thanks JAKE!) and then she took care of the rest.

She sent me this as a proof before she printed them:

And here they are! Aren’t they awesome? I will be folding them in half to sew them into the edge of the binding.

I’m wondering now if I should have found some longer, skinny labels to sew into the binding, since these might stick out quite a bit. Now that I have them, these labels seem better for clothing, bags, etc.

Take a peek at these labels, printed in France. I might have to have these for my quilts (without my sewing machine logo).

– erica