Maddie, you’re 5!

Jake and I have been blessed with 3 beautiful nieces.  Adorable, fun, creative girls. It’s really like a dream. One of my favorite pictures from our wedding is the picture with me and my three “mini’s”. We had matching dresses.


I want to say that I’m so excited to watch them grow up but at the same time I don’t want to say that because they are all so perfect right now.

Maddie just turned 5. I wish we could have been there to celebrate. They went to the spaghetti factory (and that’s actually one of my favorite places, LOVE the spamoni icecream!). We did get to talk to Maddie on the phone and sing happy birthday with her. She was so adorable as she sang, “happy birthday to maddie, happy birthday to Maddie, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!”

I had seen a sock puppet tutorial on one of the blogs I follow and couldn’t wait to try it out. What a great way to use scraps of my favorite materials and look through all of my buttons!

There is a “boy” and a “girl”.


Jake was out in Los Angeles this weekand and was able to deliver the sock puppets. I adore this picture of Maddie and Emily playing with them. I can just imagine the puppets and their little voices.

The rest of Maddie’s birthday present to be posted soon….


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  1. Lana likes her sock puppets, although one day she did spice it up and walk around with them on her feet, it was pretty cute!

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