Mal País

I can’t believe how hot it is here in Mal Pais. We are on the pacific coast at the bottom of the Nicoya Peninsula.

The mornings and evenings are bearable but mid day is intolerable. I understand why there are so many hammocks everywhere, it’s about all you can do.

I thought we might surf but the waves are so huge I’m afraid. We’ve been spending lots of time napping, reading, being very still.

It’s also amazing the amount of mind chatter I hear even when things are so calm. I wonder how long it would take for the mind chatter to go away.

Most of our pictures are in our big camera, but here are a few from my iPhone:

Our replacement for Tabacón. Her name is gato. (I love the originality of her name).

A very rocky beach.

An iguana our porch, about 3 feet long.

Yup, that’s my love.

Hot beach. Maybe too hot.

Can’t wait to share pictures of us with my Costa Rica family, but I will have to wait to get them off our camera.


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