Matching Seams

After talking to my sister about the most useful size for baby quilts I decided to make three more flower blocks to make my quilt 3×4 blocks. Doesn’t sound so bad, but I was amazed at how long it took. Luckily I reread my own tips about sewing curves, and it actually helped!!

Then I decided to be more careful about how I ironed the pieces to make sure all the seams would be going opposite directions— and you have no idea how much easier it made piecing these together. I have found with this pattern that even a millimeter makes a huge difference and makes the whole flower look sloppy.

See how each seam is ironed in the opposite direction so that the pieces will butt up together when you are piecing them together?

It might seem like more work to make sure they are all ironed in opposite directions, but in the end it looks way better and means less seam ripping. A LOT less seam ripping. Yes, there is usually a reason they tell you to do things a certain way….


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