Meet Tabacon, My Kitty Dog.

If anyone knows me, they know that I’m a big dog lover. A really big dog lover. And apparently if you ask Jake I have crazy taste in dogs. I tend to like the really scruffy, mutt dogs. I’ve never really entertained getting a cat because 1) I love dogs 2) I love dogs and 3) I’m allergic to cats. But it seems cruel to get a puppy if we’re not around enough to take care of him (and I’m not sure my parents are up for adopting dog #2. 🙂

Jake has been telling me that cats are great. Except I wasn’t really sure about that because his cat (that lives with his parents in California) would try to swipe my leg every time I walked by. His cat has a few cute moments… but not completely convincing.

Last Friday I started to look at kitties online, thinking that maybe we could get one for Jake’s birthday. I called a lady in Shirley, MA who had 2 kitties left and we went up that evening and got our kitty (yes, i have an impulsive streak in me). I’m so glad because we got a kitty dog!

We named our kitty Tabacon after the hot springs we stayed at on our honeymoon. Especially fitting since she is a tabby cat.

She needs to be touching us at all times. She cuddles. And if you move away, she cries. While I’ve been on the computer she’s been sleeping against my left arm. And if i move it away, she moves closer.

Look at her beautiful blue eyes!


She was too little for the litter box so we made a step for her. We put 501 Spanish Verbs on top, since she has a Spanish name.


She gives kisses!

I love my kitty dog!



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