Monarch Preschool

The kids go to a lovely reggio inspired, play based preschool. It’s been such a blessing to our family. We’ve become part of a community and both the kids and I have made friendships that I’m sure are going to last our lifetime.  The preschool was named North Huntington Beach Community Nursery School which is a MOUTHFUL for any adult, and seriously, forget the children trying to say that! This past year the preschool changed its name to Monarch Preschool since the yard is an official Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

We had our annual Share the Love potluck and I made the school a new banner. The ribbon feeds through buttonholes in the flags so you can adjust the spacing. I hadn’t made buttonholes in a LONG time so it was fun to remember old skills. And, my new machine makes them pretty easy. Unfortunately I didn’t take a close up of the flags but they’re a mix of fabrics from stash…. many of them I purchased 5+ years ago.


ps. If you’re looking to help support the creative, emotional development of children you can donate to Monarch Preschool HERE, all donations are tax-deductible.


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