My Blog was Blocked!

I had a little more excitement than I was hoping for this past weekend. I spent 4 days in the hospital. At least now I really know what it’s like to be a patient.

I was going to do a post while there, but when I went to my blog I couldn’t open it. I was given this notification:

Sorry for the blurry screen shot. It says:

Per company policy you have been denied access to the URL:, Reason: Not allowed to browse Nudity category.

I just can’t seem to find the nudity that they refer to on my blog. Let  me know if you find it. 🙂

I’m back home now and will be posting some exciting finishes soon!


4 thoughts on “My Blog was Blocked!

  1. Oh man! I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear it. Looking forward to seeing what you have been working on.

  2. I haven’t found any nudity either. 🙂 I’m glad you’re home Erica – keep us posted (when you feel better and up to it) on how you are! Praying you are recovering well.

  3. Your blog is blocked at my office as well, for “questionable content.” It’s the only sewing blog I have found with that distinction!

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