My Sewing Nook

Since we moved to our house in Orange County I haven’t really had a solid home for my sewing stuff. We started with my table in Jake’s office. But that didn’t work well because the whirring of my machine wasn’t amenable to his conference calls. So then we moved my sewing stuff into our bedroom, but if Jake was going to bed early I couldn’t stay up and sew.

I can’t actually remember when we had the “aha” moment and realized the little nook in our living room would be perfect for my sewing space. We started by putting a temporary table there and I used that for the past several months to test it out. And guess what? I’ve done more sewing than I have in the past few years! The kids can play legos in the living room and I can be in the same room with them while I sew. Jake can watch tv or play a video game and I can sew. And if everyone is asleep…. I can start a fire in the fireplace, listen to an audio book and sew. It’s really quite perfect.

We were thinking we would have to get a custom tabletop and shelves but then I found a bamboo tabletop at ikea that fit perfectly into the space. And since I’m tall I got adjustable table legs that are higher than standard desk height (bye bye bad sewing posture).  We also got some elfa shelves during the annual Container Store Elfa sale, SCORE!





2 thoughts on “My Sewing Nook

  1. Beautiful! We’re headed to La Jolla on our next CA trip (April) but we’ll have to swing in and visit some time. Where do you store your fabric stash?

    1. We’d love to see you guys too! My fabric stash is squirreled away in the dresser you can see peeking in the side of the photo. It’s an original Heywood Wakefield dresser that my grandma got when she got married in 1952 🙂

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