My To-Do List

This post is more for me, than for you.

I’m super excited that my sewing group is starting tomorrow night. There will be 3 of us for sure. I realized that this was meant to be when the two women who responded to me ended up knowing each other from the LA Modern Quilt Guild (but didn’t know that they had both responded). YAY! I’ll post some pictures after we meet tomorrow night.

So, I started making a little “To-Do” list in my head with all the projects I’ve been planning, but haven’t done:

  • Monkey baby shoes for my nephew, Elliot
  • Baby girl quilt for my girlfriend, Marit
  • Baby girl quilt for my girlfriend, Jenn
  • Finish my duffel bag that I started before Sewing Summit
  • Flannel pajama pants for my husband
  • Pillows for our couch
  • String quilt for my niece, Lana

Good thing our group is meeting every week…. I’ve got a LONG list. I’m excited to post each of these as I finish them.


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