N-Acetylcysteine and Lupus

Despite my New Year’s Resolutions, my lupus has been more active lately. I’ve been feeling very fatigued (although it’s hard to determine how much is due to being a working mama and how much is due to lupus). I’ve also had mouth sores, pericarditis and joint pains. My blood tests confirmed my suspicions and when I saw my rheumatologist she changed my medications and took me off of work for a week to rest. In addition to the plaquenil (which I always take) and the imuran, she added N-Acetylcysteine, otherwise known as NAC.

When I was in residency I remember using this to treat acetaminophen (tylenol) overdoses and also giving it to patients to protect their kidneys from contrast dye given with CT scans (although I don’t know if this has proven to actually be protective).

There was a small study published in 2012 where lupus patients treated with NAC had decreased disease activity and decreased fatigue after 3 months of treatment with 2.4-4.8g per day (um, that means I’m taking 8 pills a day!). There’s a larger, longer trial underway right now. I’m personally about 3 weeks into my own personal trial. So far I haven’t felt that much different, but it looks like it takes a few months to start to see the difference. So, I’ll keep you posted, fingers crossed!

– Erica

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  1. good luck!!! I hope it begins to help ur symptoms sooner rather than later!! Hang in there!! It’s tough being a working mama & keeping all the balls in the air both at work and at home!! HUGS!!!

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