One Lonely Jar of Salsa.

My failure with pickles wasn’t enough to deter me from trying to can again. I decided that salsa seemed easier.

This time I decided to go about canning differently. First off, I called my friend Kate to help me. Nothing better than having support when you start to get confused and overwhelmed! And then I re-watched the Lowe’s YouTube video on canning to remind myself of all the different steps (uh, there are a lot).

We have had so many tomatoes in our earthbox garden. We used mostly Roma tomatoes for the salsa, but added a few Jellybean tomatoes as well. The recipe called for 15lbs of tomatoes. I don’t have a scale, but I know we didn’t have 15lbs.

Kate boiled the tomatoes for 30 seconds and then put them into ice cold water to “skin” them. I made a mixture of onions, jalapenos and spices which we cooked on the stove with the diced tomatoes.

I put the lids into the boiling canning water to sterilize them (forgot to do that last time, whoops!) and then took them out with the awesome magnetic wand.

Now I understand why you want to use 15lbs of tomatoes. Here is my one, lonely jar of salsa processing in the water bath.

This recipe wasnโ€™t quite spicy enough for me. If anyone has a recipe for CANNED salsa that they love, please share! I wonโ€™t give away your family secret!


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