One of These Isn’t Like the Others…

When I used to live in Boston (Wow, I can’t believe I can say that!), I used to go to Laura’s Sewing School on Monday nights for sewing class. It really was so much more than class. I loved the other women and looked forward to seeing them every week. It was great to get together to chat sew :-). And I also liked the strawberry pop (“soda” in Boston) and popcorn I ate every week.

One of my classmates, Elena, is originally from Spain and teaches at Brandeis University. While we were together in class, she made an amazing dress for her daughter, a shirt for herself and was working on a quilted tote bag when I moved away. She had bought some adorable butterfly quilting pins and when I saw them, I think my eyes got big. She saw how much I liked them and suggested we swap a pin. So, now I have one butterfly pin in my collection. I was sewing this weekend and every time I used this pin I thought of Elena. I felt connected to sewing school.

So, can you tell: Which one of these isn’t like the others?

Miss you girls!! Keep me updated on your projects!

– erica

One thought on “One of These Isn’t Like the Others…

  1. Erica, I am so happy I checked your website today!!! I told the girls on Monday’s class that you haven’t been posting much lately, and that I miss your inspiration.
    I also take your pin with me wherever I sew, and I think of you. Keep us posted of any new projects. We’d all love to see what you are up to.

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