Two Months

Is it possible that another month has gone by? Time is flying. I’m so glad I took a leave of absence from work to have an extended maternity leave. Thankfully, I won’t be going back until the end of December. She is getting more adorable by the day. Here are some of her milestones duringRead more


The day Mila was born I was definitely nesting. I cleaned and organized our front closet, cooked and froze a batch of soup, and finished some kitchen curtains. I’m so glad I finished our kitchen curtains now that it’s really hot in Los Angeles. The afternoon sun beats in our back kitchen windows and heatsRead more

One Month

I can’t believe how quickly one month has gone by! This post is already a little late as she is 5 1/2 weeks old already! Here are some of her milestones in this first month: – Lost her umbilical stump at one week – Makes the cutest grunting noises when she is hungry (my littleRead more