Pants, Pants, Pants.

This is not one of those exciting finishes that really warrants a blog post- but it does cause you to have that internally satisfied feeling when you are done. My husband bought some new jeans (and had some old jeans that we never hemmed) that needed some attention. So, I hemmed jeans, assembly line style….

Pants Pants Pants (1)

I finished these a few months ago but since I’m not very active these days (yup, growing a baby with lupus is hard work) I’m catching up on posting some prior projects.

As an update, I’m 31 weeks pregnant and just about exactly as far along as I was when I went into preterm labor with Mila. My braxton hicks have increased the past few days which is making me really slow down. Anyone tried to slow down with a 15 month old toddler running around? It’s pretty challenging.

I had to add this picture just for fun, because all posts are better with a cute baby picture.


– Erica

2 thoughts on “Pants, Pants, Pants.

  1. Mila is adorable! Great to hear you are at 31 weeks, but whoa I don’t know how you can slow down with a toddler. Thinking of you and Jake!

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