Perfectly Pleated Clutch.

…. or “too many pleats” clutch. I made this clutch out of Amy Butler’s book Style Stitches. The book is absolutely beautiful. It’s one of those books that I like to just look through over and over, oohing and ahhing at all the beautiful pictures.

The pattern pieces in this book are all halved (not sure if she does it to save on paper) but I found it easier to photocopy the pattern piece and then tape it together to make a whole pattern piece. This way I could see where the piece was going to be centered on the material. It gets complicated when you’re folding the material too much.

I didn’t read the instructions on how to pleat this clutch very carefully and so I made my pleats really small. It made the design of the material completely disappear/change. It’s not how it was originally intended, but I actually think it turned out pretty nice.

Since it was thicker (due to the crazy amount of pleats), it got a little rippley at the bottom. Although, I bet, if i didn’t tell you all that, you would have never noticed.

I just need to hand sew the lining hole that I used to turn the clutch right side out and then it’s all finished. I have lots of friends with July birthdays- someone might be getting this as a gift!


One thought on “Perfectly Pleated Clutch.

  1. This reminds me of the baptism dress I made for Lindsey when she was born. The pleats were so small and I had post baby blues and I was crying while I sewed every pleat. I have respect for pleats!

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